The security and technical details of the CWS ecosystem are of utmost importance to ensure the safety of its users and their assets. The CWS ecosystem is built upon existing software and uses code from various audited smart contracts. By leveraging these audited smart contracts, the CWS ecosystem can ensure a higher level of security and reliability. Additionally, the various contracts used in the CWS ecosystem have been carefully selected and pieced together like money legos to create a unique and robust system.
Contract Name
Arbiscan Address
The Lighthouse Locker
The Shipwreck Reef
The Pirates Booty Bay
The Mangrove Lagoon
The Deep Sea Vault
Deployer - 0xbb000687721ddf851433187d842021004a731a9d
Transparency: all of the contracts have been succesfully tested in testnets and passed also several testing in mainnets. This however does not mean that there are no faults in the contracts and we cannot guarantee that they are flawless.