Governance Habitats

CWS is not intended to be a DAO, however, we believe its very important to have DAO-infrastructure in order to understand the community.
The Lighthouse Locker is the main multisig treasury owned by the CWS ecosystem.

The Shoal Reef

The Shoal Reef, represents the non-binding community sentiment, where anyone can share their opinions on various matters through voting via the various social medias and community channels.
The Shiver Reef, on the other hand, is the specific governance system for NFT holders, where they can cast their votes on important decisions.
The Plankton Reef, represents the governance system for token holders where they can vote on matters related to the code infrastructure of the ecosystem.
Thus, while the NFT holders can have a say in branding and creative projects through the Shiver Reef, the Plankton Reef allows the token holders to govern the technical aspect of the system.
Each of these habitats is interconnected and contributes to the overall health and growth of the CWS ecosystem, just as the creatures and habitats in the ocean support each other.