Oceans Origin

NFT Minting
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Archived - March 2023

The Oceans Origin Event is the planned minting event for 2222 unique NFTs that will bring together small and large communities in the NFT space to participate and reap the benefits of this new ecosystem.
The minting is divided into stages: small community NFTs will be invited to mint 1 NFT at a 50% discount, followed by medium to large community NFTs who will also receive a 50% discount, followed by a public sale.
The ETH generated from the minting process will be divided into 20% for the Developers and 80% for Liquidity and Token minting.
Liquidity Pool Tokens (LPs) will be distributed to the community and the liquidity will be divided into 50% of the ETH for Zoo and 50% of the ETH converted into wBTC and used to make Phyto. Phyto will be distributed to NFT holders through token streams, while Zoo will be used for token staking rewards.
The contract deployment and activation will have a minimum of 48 hours in between to give the community a head start. The exact dates for the NFT Minting will be announced at a later time.