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Zooplankton (Zoo) and Phytoplankton (Phyto) are two additional ERC-20 tokens in the CWS ecosystem that complement the Plankton Token. Both of these tokens are LP (liquidity pool) tokens that hold Plankton and play a crucial role in the ecosystem.


Zooplankton (Zoo) or LP1 is an LP token that contains both gas (wETH) and the main token Plankton. This liquidity pool is enforced by code and provides stability and helps ensure the smooth functioning of the decentralized system. The Zooplankton token was distributed to all NFT holders using The Pirates Booty Bay.


Phytoplankton (Phyto) or LP2, on the other hand, contains both the reward token (wBTC) and the main token Plankton. It is not enforced by code but rather by community liquidity incentives and this has the potential to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits the community as a whole.

The metaphor of filtering or feeding process that the whale sharks use to receive the benefits generated by the Plankton Token highlights the interdependence and balance within the system, creating a self-sustaining and resilient ecosystem for NFTs. Together, the Plankton Token, Zooplankton (Zoo), and Phytoplankton (Phyto) work to create The CWS Ecosystem. These two pools were initially made to distribute the token through The Pirates Booty Bay.

There are other LP pools that are part of The CWS Ecosystem but they are in The Wilderness Islet section.

Technical Details

Zoo (ERC-20) 0x72d98c2eA350961b275293C72Ac1C6fAC59B7153

Zooplankton Sushi Analytics

Phyto (ERC-20) 0xB2C11d190A5dEEa9250FF8F64d389bE452Aed79D

Phytoplankton Sushi Analytics

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