🦈The Wilderness Islets

The Wilderness Islets in the CWS ecosystem represent the areas where the Plankton token is distributed.

In prior documentation, we referred to these areas as the Deep Sea Vaults, but we have since transformed them into Wilderness Areas.

The first Wilderness area is The Pirates Booty Bay making it the only contract that is both a reserve and a wilderness zone.

The next zone of the Wilderness Areas is the Camelot Nitro Pool. Camelot's Nitro Pools offer communities a way to incentivize the liqudity of their protocols through token incentives.

Users provide liquidity in Camelot V2 pools, then they can mint an spNFT of their position and stake that into the Camelot Nitro pools to earn PLNKTON rewards on top of the trade pool fees of the LPs.

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The Kelp Forest of Camelot, which is an extension of the Phytoplankton Token (wBTC/PLKNTON) in the kingdom of Camelot in the form of a Nitro Pool.

To earn PLNKTON incentives in The Kelp Forest of Camelot: 1. provide liquidity in Camelot, 2. mint an spNFT with your position, 3. stake into the Nitro Pool

Camelot Nitro Pool

Camelot Nitro Pool on Arbiscan

Camelot PLNKTON/wBTC pool


Camelot GRAIL/PLNKTON pool

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