The Whale Shark ERC-721 Token is at the center of the CWS Ecosystem
The Whale Shark token plays the role of the keystone species of the CWS ecosystem, just as the whale shark does in the natural marine ecosystem. Its presence helps to maintain the balance and diversity of the ecosystem by indirectly & directly influencing the behavior and populations of other tokens within the system.
For example, the Whale Shark NFT token indirectly influences the behavior of the Plankton token, which influences the behavior of the LP tokens.
The Whale Shark NFT token creates a networking chain effect that involves various moving parts of the ecosystem. The NFT token allows holders to access certain areas of the ecosystem, such as The Pirates Booty Bay and The Mangrove Lagoon. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Whale Shark NFTs are redistributed back to the NFT token holders through the contracts.
Overall, the Whale Shark token is not just a digital asset, its the main access to a circular ecosystem that mimics the natural marine ecosystem.

Technical Details

Supply: 2222
Chain: Arbitrum
Mint Date: TBA
Price at mint: 0.04 ETH (around $60 at the time)
Royalty Fees: 10%*
The royalties* play an important role in The CWS Ecosystem. These are sent directly into The Shipwreck's Reef to be distributed into The CWS Vault systems.