The ERC-20 Plankton Token is an integral part of the CWS ecosystem
Plankton are an incredible group of organisms that are part of the base level of the food chain in the marine ecosystem. Plankton provide food for many larger marine species and some species pf plankton even convert sunlight into energy. Similar to plankton in the ocean, which provide food for many marine species, the Plankton Token acts as the foundation for the ecosystem. The token has an unique feature called the Fee of Transfer (FoT) or transfer tax, which charges a fee for every transfer and redirects the a portion of the fees to liquidity pool, token holders in the form of wBTC reflections, deployer in the form of wETH and buybacks for burning supply. Users who hold the token receive reflections in the form of wBTC. This creates a loop system where the Plankton token continually generates wBTC (the ultimate gas token) for token holders from sales and trades.
The code enforced reflections of wBTC increases the community's resilience and stability, providing an opportunity for users to benefit from owning Bitcoin and from participating in the CWS Community.
Naturally, plankton are very sought after by whale sharks and other marine species who rely on them for nutrition. In the CWS Ecosystem the whale sharks are no different and are obssessed with acquiring plankton in any form.

Technical Details

Species: Acantharea
Supply: 10000000 or 10 Million
Chain: Arbitrum
  • marketingFee: 2.5% - directed to deployer in the form of wETH
  • reflectionFee: 2.5% - directed to token holders in the form of wBTC
  • liquidityFee: 2.5% - adds wETH & PLNKTON liquidity & burns LP
  • buybackFee: 2.5% - directed to token address as wETH for buyback & burn

Initial Distribution:

  • 80% of Supply Sent to Liquidity Pools Zoo & Phyto
    • +90% of LP Pool Tokens were distributed to NFT holders via The Pirates Booty Bay, effectively locking liquidity and giving it to the nft holders
  • 5.4% Sent To Treasury
  • 10.8% in Deployer Wallet for future liquidity and for partnerships.

Security info:

Market Data:






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