The whale shark is at the heart of the project as a symbol of balance in natural ecosystems.
🌊🐳🦈 Whale sharks are a keystone species, playing a vital role in indirectly influencing other species in the marine ecosystem 🐙🐚. Their control of small plankton 🦐 and fish 🐠 populations affects larger predatory species and affects overall biodiversity 🐡🐬🐢.
Even in death ☠️ the whale shark's influence is massive, acting like a shipwreck
of a valuable vessel carrying treasure
. The whale shark carcass attracts a diverse range of species, creating a feast that enriches surrounding waters and supports new life 🦀🦑🦞.
Similarly, the CWS platform uses smart contracts and systems to form a cohesive ecosystem mirroring the natural marine ecosystem. These are reffered to as islets & habitats 🌞🌴🌊.
Our 🏝️ islets & habitats
provide a variety of utilities for users that creates a 🏄 resilient system inspired by the marine ecosystem.
🌊🐳🦈 CWS Project TL;DR:
  • The CWS ecosystem is inspired by marine ecosystem with whale sharks as keystone species.
  • Smart contracts and systems used to form cohesive system of tokens, LP tokens, and non-token smart contracts called The CWS Islets or Habitats.
  • Whale Shark NFT token maintains balance and diversity of ecosystem, providing access to specific areas and acquiring the Plankton token.
  • The Plankton token is foundation of ecosystem, generating reflections in the form of wBTC for token holders & generating liquidity.
  • The Shipwreck Reef is an islet contract that distributes ETH from NFT royalties to various parties including Whale Shark NFT token holders.
  • The Pirates Booty Bay is an NFT instant stream contract that incentivizes holding Whale Shark NFT and creates price floor for CWS NFTs in ETH, PLNKTON and LPs.
  • The Mangrove Lagoon is a NFT vested streaming smart contract that distributes tokens to Whale Shark NFT holders over time.
  • The Wilderness Islets (aka Deep Sea Vaults) are third party services that we use to incentivize liquidity and where Whale Shark NFT go to filter feed plankton.
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⛵ The CWS Ecosystem🐠🐬🦑