🐠The Ocean's Origin

The Oceans Origin Event & Token Distribution


Season 0 is considered to be the birth of The CWS Ecosystem and spawns from the token mint all the way up to the token distribution.

The main goal for Season 0 is to slowly start testing live the ecosystem. We want to proceed with utter most caution and take it step by step to ensure all of the parts are fully functioning.

Active Contracts

  1. The Shipwreck Reef - wETH Distributions %

wETH from NFT Royalty sales.

Distributed to:

  • 70% NFT Token Instant Stream

  • 10% Lighthouse Locker

  • 10% Token Treasury

  • 10% Deployer

  • 2% of Total is distributed to Harvester

  1. The Pirates Booty Bay - LP1 & LP2 Distribution

  • CWS 721 NFT Instant Stream

  • Sent from Deployer after minting Tokens

This is the contract that will distribute the Plankton token to the NFT holders via LPs.

Since the distribution of the Plankton token is going to be made via vested LP tokens, we cannot guarantee a specific quantity of tokens that will be allocated to each NFT contract

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